Performance Triathlon Plan

$149.99 per month or $399.97 for 3 months (12 weeks)

This plan is recommended for individuals interested in competition, serious fitness and specifically focuses on improving athletic performance and being competitive in your age-group / race category.

This plan is designed for the athlete who wants to be competitive, improve on their fitness and take their training to the next level. It is also perfect for those who want to focus on the longer distance disciplines, Half-Ironman "HIM" and Ironman "IM" triathlons and is recommended for all age group athletes. Since the training plans are custom designed for each individual it doesn't matter if you are training for your first long distance triathlon or if you have already completed several Ironman's and want to be competitive and try to qualify for Kona.

This training plan includes unlimited coach interaction via email along with coaching feedback on all your training files. The training plans are designed around your strengths and weaknesses and we will focus on what is required to meet your HIM or IM objective (whether it is to simply finish strong, qualify for Kona or make the national team for your age group, etc.). Our goal with this training plan is to make you a better cyclist, runner, swimmer and give you the confidence to accomplish your Ironman goal competitively. You will master the transitions and learn to save time during them. You will also understand and identify where you can exploit the various parts of the race to your advantage for gains or to maximize recovery times.

Given the amount of training involved and dedication on the athletes' part, expect a minimum of 10-15 hours of required training on any given week (on average). Depending on your ultimate goal some training weeks will be higher for heavy volume "peak" weeks, while other "rest and recovery" weeks will be 10 hours or less. These are all athlete, goal and distance specific variables and will be dynamic.

The plans are always built up around your work and life schedule with a steady progression of intensity & duration incorporating all three sports. For most athletes who are active in one or two of the disciplines already, it is recommended that a 6 month training schedule be used as a minimum for a HIM or IM. For many newer triathletes a 9 month training plan works the best since it allows the athlete to build up their fitness foundations and skills first in all three sports in the early parts of the training phases and then transition into the more sport specific training blocks. More experienced athletes can usually get away with a 6 month build-up to their big race, with a mid-season "tester race" / mini-peak to see where their fitness is prior to going into the later part of their training phase. This allows us the chance to shift attention to any specific training areas that may be required to bring you to peak fitness for your event.

At this level the athlete is investing a lot of time and money on training, entry fees, race equipment, nutritional products, and the list goes on. If you are spending that much time, energy and money on the sport then it is wise to work with a coach. The coach can put all the pieces together for you to bring out the best in the athlete. Other features included in this plan are having the option for the plan to be based on either power/wattage, heart rate or both, and the option to incorporate a strength training program to maximize his or her strength gains and power potential.

Each training plan consists of 4 weeks (28 days) and is broken down into (4) 7 day cycles with Monday always being the first day of the training cycle. Each workout will be detailed with the distance, intensity and duration, along with any special notes to help better describe the workout objective. Depending on the current training block during the various parts of the season, some athletes may be doing "2-a-day workouts" occasionally, with a morning session followed by a late afternoon or evening workout.

If you are serious about making improvements in the sport and maximizing your gains then the performance plan will take your fitness to the next level.

I work at bringing out the best in my athletes and its with a combination of both hard work on the athletes part and a sound coaching philosophy that allows us to optimize the athletes potential. The HAT performance model allows us to accomplish this.

-Coach Chris Harry
High Altitude Training