Recreational Cycling Plan

$109.49 per month or $299.97 for 3 months (12 weeks)

This plan is recommended for athletes who are more focused on recreational and charity events or for those who simply want to improve on their own personal fitness. For these athletes, their main seasonal goals would include century, multi-day events or personal fitness challenges and improvements.

The training plan will be custom designed and based on the athletes main goal or event and may include several other "build-up" events if the athlete wants to participate in or include. Each training block of this plan consist of 4 weeks (28 days) and is broken down into (4) 7 day cycles with Monday always being the first day of the training cycle. Each workout will be detailed with the distance, intensity and duration, along with any special notes to help better describe the workout objective. The training zones for each workout will be given if you have completed the field test. If no field test has been completed or the athlete does not know what their lactate threshold level is, then the workout intensity will be given in the Rate of Perceived Exertion "RPE" scale.

This is a very popular training plan and is perfect for most recreational athletes. If you do not train with a power meter and you do not race then this is the plan to consider. It is custom designed around your specific goal; the workouts are based around your work and life schedule and are specific with incorporating hard and easy days. All of these items are important for building up your fitness and for you to be in top form for your event.

I work at bringing out the best in my athletes and its with a combination of both hard work on the athletes part and a sound coaching philosophy that allows us to optimize the athletes potential. The HAT performance model allows us to accomplish this.

-Coach Chris Harry
High Altitude Training