Elite Cycling Training Plan

$300.00 per month or $825.00 for 3 months (12 weeks)

The Elite plan is the most extensive and comprehensive training plan offered. This is for the athlete who is looking for maximum performance improvements and who wants to be at the very top of their game. The coach-athlete interaction is extensive with unlimited email, phone calls and in most cases face-to-face interaction with ride coaching for local athletes. This plan also incorporates the HAT Performance Model "HAT PM" coaching philosophy in-which every aspect of the athlete and the athlete's life is taken into account and total athlete wellness is addressed in order to bring out the athletes highest performance level. This allows for us to identify and fine-tune the athletes' mind, body, health and overall fitness on a daily and weekly basis. All of these features are key for athletic performance and success, they need to be in-sync with each other if the athlete is to be the very best that they can be.

The elite plan includes everything that is noted in the performance plan along with the additional attention to the finer details that are needed to make the elite athlete.

  • Unlimited communication between the coach and athlete on a daily and weekly basis. This allows us to discuss fitness and training objectives and any key goals for the week. Communicate any progresses made or setbacks that may have occurred that we need to analyze and identify the root cause for any setbacks, Pre and post-race discussions. These are just a few examples of the powers of coach-athlete communication.
  • The creation and development of an annual training plan "ATP" so we can get a visual overview of the entire race season. This allow us to layout and identify all the A, B and C training races, physiological testing dates, along with all the key training blocks / phases which we will build into and goals. The ATP will also allow us to identify and prepare for any required travel arrangements, potential budgets required for the season or simply get a head start on organizing and preparing any pre-race documents / requirements that may be needed during the season. This is especially true and helpful if the athlete is traveling and racing out of the Continental US.
  • Constant review and analysis of training files / data with feedback.
  • Pre and Post-race discussions.
  • Strength training and planning programs are incorporated into your training phases to maximize fitness. This is predominately incorporated into the winter and off-season months, but depending on the athlete's seasonal goals, this may be year-round and periodized to maximize your peak fitness.
  • We focus on mental awareness for training and racing, visualization techniques. –Getting your mind right.
  • Concentration on total athlete wellness to maximize performance gains at the very highest level.

It takes a lot to race at the elite level and working closely with a coach is one of the best investments an athlete can make. Hard work and dedication from both the athlete and coach working closely together is critical in the success of the athlete. The elite plan covers all the aspects required to bring out the best in you.

This is high performance coaching and training at its best.

I work at bringing out the best in my athletes and its with a combination of both hard work on the athletes part and a sound coaching philosophy that allows us to optimize the athletes potential. The HAT performance model allows us to accomplish this.

-Coach Chris Harry
High Altitude Training