Free Workouts

Here is a collection of free cycling workouts. They range from very basic active recovery spins to hard tempo intervals.

These workouts can be used by everyone ranging from the recreational cyclist to the hardened racer. The key to utilizing these workouts are to place them strategically into your specific training program during the various training phases throughout the year.

Feel free to incorporate them into your individual program if you are self-coached. If you have any questions regarding any workout please fee free to contact me.  

Coach Chris

Prior to starting any workout program you should always consult your licensed medical doctor and get their approval to begin such activities. By using any of these workouts you agree to the website terms of use.



CSK-1 Cadence Spin Pyramid 1'-5', 5'-1'

Workout intended for: All athletes, all abilities

Total Workout Time: 60 Minutes

This is a skill drill mostly used in the off-season but it may also be incorporated into your training plan throughout the year to help maintain your spinning suppleness. The workout is all about neuromuscular development and teaching your muscles how to fire quickly and efficiently. A smooth, fluid pedal stroke combined with a good cadence is an integral part of riding fast and efficiently. It will also help to work out any dead spots where power isn't being produced. Try to focus on quick, smooth pedal strokes with very light tension and avoid bouncing on the saddle as your cadence goes up. Cadence is measured in Revolutions Per Minute, or RPM. This is the number of times your legs complete full circles in 60 seconds of riding. This Spin Pyramid workout is a low stress workout.

Warm-up: Begin with a progressive 15 minute warm-up. You will bring up your HR to Z3 before you begin the main workout. You have the choice of riding positions, sitting, aero or in the drops.

Warm-up Example:
Z1 for 5' – Cadence between 80-95
Z2 for 4' – Cadence between 95-115
Z3 for 3' – Cadence between 95-115 (higher cadence preferred)
Z2 for 2' – Cadence between 90-110

Begin main workout

Main Workout: 40 minutes

Main workout Notes:
1. You have the choice to do any segment of this workout in the aero or drop bar position as well as sitting up with your hands on the tops of the bars. It may be easier at the higher cadences sitting up, but experiment and mix it up to see what works best for you.

2. The high cadence "intervals" increase from 1' up to 5' then descend back from 5' to 1' (thus the name pyramid workout or ladder workout).

3. Focus on smooth fast pedaling and try to maintain a relaxed upper body. Pay attention to how much your upper body is moving and try to limit its movement.

4. Avoid bouncing in the saddle and grip the bars lightly, try to stay relaxed and focused during the intervals.

5. If you are having a hard time maintaining 100 RPMs without bouncing, then find a comfortable cadence slightly below that and build up your RPMs from there until you are efficient enough to spin 100+ RPMs without bouncing.

6. Your training zones for the workout will vary but typically the range should be between Z1-Z3 depending on how high your rpm's are and the duration. Example: for the 1' (85-100 rpm) "base" efforts try to stay within Z1-Z2.

Workout Example:
1' at 85-100 rpm x 1' at 101-115+ rpm
1' at 85-100 rpm x 2' at 101-115+ rpm
1' at 85-100 rpm x 3' at 101-115+ rpm
1' at 85-100 rpm x 4' at 101-115+ rpm
1' at 85-100 rpm x 5' at 101-115+ rpm
(Now descend back down)
1' at 85-100 rpm x 5' at 101-115+ rpm
1' at 85-100 rpm x 4' at 101-115+ rpm
1' at 85-100 rpm x 3' at 101-115+ rpm
1' at 85-100 rpm x 2' at 101-115+ rpm
1' at 85-100 rpm x 1' at 101-115+ rpm

Main workout complete – begin cool-down

Cool-Down: Z1 for 10 minutes
Cadence for cool-down: 80-100