Free Workouts

Here is a collection of free cycling workouts. They range from very basic active recovery spins to hard tempo intervals.

These workouts can be used by everyone ranging from the recreational cyclist to the hardened racer. The key to utilizing these workouts are to place them strategically into your specific training program during the various training phases throughout the year.

Feel free to incorporate them into your individual program if you are self-coached. If you have any questions regarding any workout please fee free to contact me.  

Coach Chris

Prior to starting any workout program you should always consult your licensed medical doctor and get their approval to begin such activities. By using any of these workouts you agree to the website terms of use.



CIT-1 Mini-Intervals 1'x4'

Workout intended for: racers, strong recreational riders

Duration:  60 Minutes

Mini high intensity intervals to develop, maintain and to build up your lactate threshold levels. These shorter 'high intensity intervals' will help push your fitness to new levels over time.

Warm-up: Begin with a light but progressive (Z1-Z3) 15 minute warm-up.
Cadence for warm-up: 85-100

Main Workout:
Complete (6) 1' x 4' Intervals

All 1' intervals will be Z5+ efforts followed by 4' of recovery in Z3 between each interval.

Cadence for main workout:
Z5+ efforts = 90-110 rpm (higher the better)
Z3 efforts = 80-95 rpm

Main workout notes: When doing the hard interval efforts, push it slightly higher than your LT level. You will be tired, so do as many as you can for 30 minutes or until you feel your 1 minute efforts are not being maintained at a high level.

Cool-Down: Progressive Z2-Z1 for 15 minutes
Cadence for cool-down: 85-100