Free Workouts

Here is a collection of free cycling workouts. They range from very basic active recovery spins to hard tempo intervals.

These workouts can be used by everyone ranging from the recreational cyclist to the hardened racer. The key to utilizing these workouts are to place them strategically into your specific training program during the various training phases throughout the year.

Feel free to incorporate them into your individual program if you are self-coached. If you have any questions regarding any workout please fee free to contact me.  

Coach Chris

Prior to starting any workout program you should always consult your licensed medical doctor and get their approval to begin such activities. By using any of these workouts you agree to the website terms of use.



CSK-4 Skills Isolated Leg Training

Workout intended for: All athletes, all abilities, this will initially be a hard workout for beginner riders, but it will be come easier once you do the workout a few times and get use to the single leg pedaling motion. This is a workout that will help make you a stronger rider. 

This workout can be incorporated into your training year round.  Typically it is a good skill drill for the off-season, but maintaining this workout year round will be beneficial.  

Total Workout Time: 30-40 Minutes

This is a great workout to improve pedaling efficiency, strength, technique and speed. This drill will feel awkward at first, mostly in part because you will likely have "dead spots" along the 360 degree pedal revolution where the power isn't being produced. These dead spots are precisely the reason why this skill drill will help you learn how to pedal in smooth circles. If you have a hard time with this drill at first, try clipping both feet into the pedals and do the drill the same, but try not to use one leg (even though it is clipped in) and let the other leg do all the work. This is also a good way to practice if you don't have an indoor trainer or for when you're riding on the road. Cadence is measured in Revolutions per Minute, or RPM. This is the number of times your legs complete full circles in 60 seconds of riding.

Warm-up: Begin with a progressive 15 minute warm-up using both legs. Your isolated training will take place in the main workout only. You will bring up your HR to Z3 before you begin the main workout.

Warm-up Example:
Z1 for 5' – Cadence between 80-95
Z2 for 4' – Cadence between 90-115
Z3 for 3' – Cadence between 90-115
Z2 for 2' – Cadence between 90-110

Begin main workout
Main Workout: ~20 minutes per set

Main workout Notes:
1) Terms:
BL = Both Legs
ILT-R = Isolated Leg Right Side
ILT-L = Isolated Leg Left Side

2) With one foot clipped into your pedal and the other leg free (either resting on the frame of your trainer or on a box next to the bike), shift to an easy gear and pedal for the designated interval time (or until fatigue). Spin with both legs (BL) and repeat the isolated leg workout with the opposite leg. Continue until all the required sets have been completed. If you are feeling strong and want to add additional time to each individual leg, then that is fine. The same applies if you are having a hard time with the workout, switch legs every 10-20 pedal strokes or as many as you feel comfortable with until the workout becomes easier for you. You can then build up to the longer sets once your skill and one legged fitness improves.

3) Remember to concentrate on pedaling in "circles" and try to make it as smooth as possible. This may take some time and practice but keep at it, also pay attention on your technique as you rotate through each phase of the pedal stroke, upstroke, down stroke, top and bottom. Each phase is equally important, focus on being smooth and efficient.

4) This is a tough workout and it will take time to build up your single leg fitness, hang in there and do the best that you can!

5) Your training zones for the workout will vary but typically the range should be between Z1-Z3.

Workout Example:
(Choose either beginner, intermediate or advanced sets to start with and work your fitness up to complete all of them)

Beginner Set
30" - BL – cadence 90-95 rpm
30" – ILT-R – cadence 60-85 rpm
30" - BL – cadence 90-95 rpm
30" – ILT-L – cadence 60-85 rpm
Repeat the above beginner set (5) times

Intermediate Set
30" - BL – cadence 90-95 rpm
1' – ILT-R – cadence 60-85 rpm
30" - BL – cadence 90-95 rpm
1' – ILT-L – cadence 60-85 rpm
Repeat the above intermediate set (5) times

Advanced Set
30" - BL – cadence 90-95 rpm
2' – ILT-R – cadence 60-85 rpm
30" - BL – cadence 90-95 rpm
2' – ILT-L – cadence 60-85 rpm
Repeat the above intermediate set (4) times

Main workout complete – begin cool-down or complete more sets

Cool-Down: Z1 for 10 minutes
Cadence for cool-down: 80-100