Free Workouts

Here is a collection of free cycling workouts. They range from very basic active recovery spins to hard tempo intervals.

These workouts can be used by everyone ranging from the recreational cyclist to the hardened racer. The key to utilizing these workouts are to place them strategically into your specific training program during the various training phases throughout the year.

Feel free to incorporate them into your individual program if you are self-coached. If you have any questions regarding any workout please fee free to contact me.  

Coach Chris

Prior to starting any workout program you should always consult your licensed medical doctor and get their approval to begin such activities. By using any of these workouts you agree to the website terms of use.



MAX-FORCE INTERVAL #5 (5) (5' x 5'), Z5

Workout intended for: racers, strong recreational riders, this is an advanced workout and not intended for beginner riders.

Workout time: 60 Minutes

Warm-Up: 15 minutes
Cadence for warm-up: 85-100

Begin at a very easy pace for 4min. Build into Zone 2 for 4min.
Raise workload to Zone 3 for 4 mins, then speed up to Zone 4 for a 1min.
Spin easy for 2min. before the main-set.

Main Workout: 40 minutes
Complete (5) 5' x 5' Intervals

All 5' intervals will be Z5 efforts followed by 5' of recovery in Z1 or as required (AR) between each interval. Recovery note: Complete rest or spin below Zone 1 to allow for sufficient recovery from these intense intervals, in preparation for your next interval.

Cadence for main workout:
Z5 efforts = 60-70 rpm (seated)
Z1-AR efforts = 80-95 rpm

Main workout notes:
These intervals are done seated on the saddle. Select a very high gear, most likely using the big ring on the front and harder gear on the back cog. Stay in the saddle, at 60-70rpm. Hold the highest power level that you can maintain for the full 5' interval duration and for the full set of repeats (5).This can be completed on the indoor trainer, road or mtb. This is a very hard workout, pay attention to your knees and make sure you do not over strain them. Complete as many as you can.

This workout will improve strength, power and muscular endurance for those sustained hard efforts in Time Trials, on climbs and into headwinds. -No shortcuts.

Cool-Down: Progressive Z1 for 5-15 minutes
Cadence for cool-down: 85-100